Orange PI disappointment

This small SOC seamed pretty neat to me, when I decided to order it for the affordable 10$ it costs, because it’s specs looked promising, compared to a Raspberry PI.

I decided it would make an expendable alternative to it, thinking I could do the same things on both boards, and in the same way.

I was dead wrong:
This board comes with little to no documentation, and the promising website, links to a forum page, where information are dumped here and there, and there are a few links to images provided.
As always users community does the greatest part, but sadly it’s not enough:
Informations and software provided is at least one year old, and you can immediately tell, the good intentions of the programmers, have gone away because of the overwhelming job that has to be done, and without any sensitive feedback from the community, and a neglettable number of boards being sold, this Orange Pi turned out not to be a great success.

I grabbed an Orange Pi One, attracted by it’s price, and as soon as I got it, I downloaded some IMG and tried them immediately

Couldn’t get any of it to work, except for the Armbian one, which also appears to be heavily flawed.
dmesg shows an awful streak of errors for bad cpu_freq, and after searching for a fix, on the aforementioned confused forum, I managed to get rid of them.

For the other images, there are instructions about replacing the files in the FAT partiton, once you burn your IMG to SD card, that should be matching your hardware/expected configuration.
Somewhere is specified that Orange Pi One is compatible with the Orange Pi 2
(didn’t see that coming) and the PI 2 config files should be used.
Well, it’s not working, and I got bored and demotivated 4-5 pages through the random questions/statements, that usually make a forum thread.

So basically, don’t waste 10$ with a neglected board, lacking software and support, unless you can be the real game changer on it’s community driven development.

The above considerations, are just my opinions, and regarding specifically the Orange Pi One board, the compatibility and operability of the other more expensive siblings, may vary.

Here’s the forum post with all the distributions listed:

and here’s a source of informations to run Armbian on them (the only Image I was able to use, but couldn’t do pretty much nothing with it)





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